Understanding Horse Personalities

A horse’s personality can best be understood by identifying the Role, or Roles, the horse holds in the herd, and combining that with his inherent Energy Type.

In this fun and thought-provoking course, Sharon will discuss the different Roles within a herd and the characteristics of the horses who gravitate to those roles. Adding understanding of the horse’s Energy Type will give you deeper insight into individual horses, how they fulfill their role in the herd and what they need from you.

Dive into this course and see if you recognize your horse’s role and energy type! A Stoic King? A Friendly Joker? A Timid Skeptic? Or one of the many others?

This course includes:

1 lecture

Slide Handouts

Applications and Exercises to help you explore this topic with the horses in your life.

Your Instructor

Sharon Wilsie
Sharon Wilsie

Sharon Wilsie is an inspiring and encouraging teacher. Whether you are learning with Sharon in person at a clinic or in one of our on-line courses, you will enjoy the learning process as much as you will love the results you get using Horse Speak with your horses!

Sharon is a has enjoyed a professional career as a horse trainer/rehabilitation specialist, intercollegiate coach, and riding instructor. Her grandfather owned and raced Standardbreds, and her love for horses has been life-long. She has developed and implemented several programs over the last decade, including; volunteer training groups for horse rescues and therapeutic riding centers, Equine Assisted Learning course at Landmark College, as well as hundreds of workshops, seminars, and engagements in a variety of topics about Equine Facilitated Therapies, alternative training and rehabilitation methods for difficult horses and horses with PTSD. She worked with students of all ages, including at-risk youth programs. Sharon’s passion has always been to create a two – way street of mutual healing, awareness, and betterment for both horses and people. Sharon is also a Reiki Master/Teacher.

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