Finding the Way In

Developing the Connection You Really Want

Call it bonding, intimacy, trust or rapport – we all want that special connection with our horses!

By understanding what matters to horses - what they value and how they see the world - we can offer them a relationship in which they feel safe, understood and respected. We can learn to see and experience bonding and closeness the way horses do with each other.

This 3-part series will show you how to offer your horse what they value most. You become the source of all good things -– so when you show up, you are the one they want to be with!

This course includes:

  • 3 lectures (approximately 1.5 hours each)
  • Slide handouts for each lecture
  • Skill Builders for each lecture: activities you can do to build your skills in Horse Speak
  • Quizzes to check your understanding and knowledge

Your Instructor

Sharon Wilsie
Sharon Wilsie

Sharon Wilsie is an inspiring and encouraging teacher. Whether you are learning with Sharon in person at a clinic or in one of our on-line courses, you will enjoy the learning process as much as you will love the results you get using Horse Speak with your horses!

Sharon is a has enjoyed a professional career as a horse trainer/rehabilitation specialist, intercollegiate coach, and riding instructor. Her grandfather owned and raced Standardbreds, and her love for horses has been life-long. She has developed and implemented several programs over the last decade, including; volunteer training groups for horse rescues and therapeutic riding centers, Equine Assisted Learning course at Landmark College, as well as hundreds of workshops, seminars, and engagements in a variety of topics about Equine Facilitated Therapies, alternative training and rehabilitation methods for difficult horses and horses with PTSD. She worked with students of all ages, including at-risk youth programs. Sharon’s passion has always been to create a two – way street of mutual healing, awareness, and betterment for both horses and people. Sharon is also a Reiki Master/Teacher.

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